And so it begins…

Here we go. And to get it started, Shawn did the honors by pulling up the carpet before the demo dudes started work. And low and behold, we pulled up the carpet and amazingly, what did we find!!? Original hardwood floors in pristine condition!

No, of course that’s not what we found. It was just the plywood subfloor but with screws instead of nails so Shawn was almost as pumped.


it’s all gots ta go.


I’ve already chosen so you can resist the urge to let me know which one you like best. 


I love the different layers of design choices from the past that pop up. Some lovely rose colored shell wallpaper in the Master Bath.


And here we have some chic flooring circa 1983, which actually was the THIRD and original floor. (The 2nd layer was a dark teal vinyl.)



The hole you see in that wall is my work.

Fast forward 2 more days and we are making some progress. (And by we I of course mean the demo dudes). As you scroll down, perhaps you’ll notice there is a hole in the kitchen floor. One of the first things that is being done is to add an additional joist under the house for more support because the floor is sagging slightly. They are going through the kitchen floor to create a new concrete base, they’ll add more support and then jack the house up to make it as level as possible. Boom.


Walked in today and this was our view from front the door.



Standing in dining room looking toward front door


Slowly getting the kitchen opened up. Watch your step.



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