Let’s be honest…we all do our best thinking here.IMG_1346

Things are moving along quickly (although not as quickly as Shawn would like but it seems so fast to me) so there are a lot of decisions that need to be made somewhat immediately. Including things that I honestly could care less about….

So many choices. And am I the only one who had no idea how expensive doorknobs can be? I was immediately drawn to one style in particular (even though they all pretty much look the same) and as I approached it, I thought, “Man this is easy.”  And then I saw that one doorknob was FORTY THREE DOLLARS. For one doorknob. At Home Depot.
(Just for the record, the ones pictured above are all about $17 and under.)



As for the demo, so far things have been moving along fairly smoothly with only a few minor unexpected hiccups. A little rotting in the wood here by the floor but upon further inspection it was less than initially thought, so an easy fix.


Shawn and the foreman assessing the damage. 

Currently, there is a temporary wall up for support so they could knock down the entire original wall. Next step is to build a support beam and then they’ll take down the temporary wall.


A few more pics from today:


A little rotting. NBD. But still gross.


So long, tub.


Current state of the Master Bath. Very spa-like

Below is the original view walking into house next to the current view to the right. Note the “nipple light”  at the top of each picture for reference. (Yes, apparently that’s what that light is called. You know, because it looks like a nipple.)


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