“Just swing by and mark where you want the lights before the electrician comes…”


Sounds easy enough. Sure thing, no problem. What I didn’t realize was that in order to mark the lights, I need to know where the mirror is going. In order to mark the mirror, I need to know where the sink is going. In order to know where the sink is going I need to know how wide the sink is going to be AND where the plumber is moving the pipes.

I already had the lights and sink, but once I got to the house and did some measurements I realized that no matter where the sink goes, my mirror/light combo is not going to fit.


Measuring out the lights and mirror; my cool mirror find is not gonna fly. 

So begins an obsessive week to figure this out so I can “just mark where I want the lights to hang for the electrician.”
First step…finalize the sink width. That was pretty easy and we ended up going with a 24″ wide pedestal sink I found on Lowes.com.


Nothing fancy to see here, people. Just a place to wash your hands.

Now that I know the sink width I figured it’d be easy to find a mirror.

Nope. I’ll spare all the details but I basically staged a mirror shopping intervention on myself because I was getting nothing else done.

My new plan is that the lights will just have to be centered over the sink where they can fit and I will just find a mirror to fit the space that is left. Because I found my lights on sale for $18 a piece at Target and dammit I am going to use those lights!


Here is my original drawing for the electrician, hanging in the 1/2 bath to show where the lights need to go. Not enough room for a 28″ wide mirror with lights on either side.

And here’s the first of what we hope will not be many unexpected costs:


This is the back door, which we planned to keep, but it turns out that it’s rotting on the underside and with all the work happening and the door getting a lot of use, it’s started to fall apart. Bummer.

And finally, Shawn and I got a laugh out of this…


This is one of our brand new door blanks. They messed up and put the hinges on the wrong side so, hey, why not just flip the door upside down and put the hinges on the correct side…we probably won’t ever notice! Makes total sense….right??!

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