Still Holding…


“Holding…still holding.”

Not too much to update as we’ve hit a bit of a holding pattern the past couple weeks. We reached a stopping point until the plumbing and electric could be roughed in and after the electrician kept pushing back when he’d be able to come in by days and then weeks, he quit the job this morning before even starting. (At least he’s contributing to the unreliable reputation subcontractors have…) The kitchen was scheduled to be installed this past Saturday but without the electric complete, there are still a lot of things that need to be done before the cabinets and appliances can be put in. Drywall and painting to name a couple.

In the meantime, we’ve been ordering some of the necessities like tile flooring for the bathrooms, the vanities, searching for light fixtures and starting to schedule some shipments to have everything standing by for when they’re ready to start putting the house back together.


Lowes. So many lights…


…And I don’t like any of them.


Ahhh, here we go. This is much more my style of shopping.


Floor for the master bath.


Requirement: must feel good on the bare tooties.


First dumpster was filled to the brim…look at this cute little pink diddy we have now!

The rest of the interior is now just standing by until the electrician comes in to do his thing. The treads on the stairs have been replaced and all the doors have arrived and are ready to hang. Hopefully we’ll start seeing some more progress this week!




Here’s how our master shower is shaping up. Look closely and you’ll see not one, but two shower heads in that bad boy. Ohhhh yeahhhhh



Enter a caption

We had someone come clear out all the leaves from the backyard so we can actually see the ground. No grass and our landscaping plan is still TBD. I want some grass for the dogs; Shawn thinks it’ll be a pain to grow because of all the shade. 


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