One day soon we’ll laugh at this…


Ooooh man, things are getting SPICY up in here. After what seemed like a very long holding pattern, we are finally starting to see some forward progress this week. But growth is painful, my friends. And this is no exception.

Massive miscommunications between everyone led to some frustrating moments especially since we have fallen behind schedule (i.e. the kitchen was supposed to be installed April 30…that pushed back to May 11…which is now pushed back to May 14). While things have started to move forward, it seems like for every one thing that’s been done, two things have been done WRONG.


The electricians finally came and got started, only to put the holes in the ceiling for our recessed lights in the wrong place AND as the wrong size. In the kitchen AND the family room.  Now was it the contractors fault? The electrician’s fault? Shawn’s fault? Lana’s fault?  The answer is: WHO CARES JUST FIX IT.


Shawn arguing with the contractor. Please note the hole in the ceiling past the fan. There are six more of those holes that misplaced and wrongly sized. Great use of time by the already behind schedule electricians, right? (Also please note the gold cross that was left by the previous owner. No one has thrown it away so instead it keeps making it’s way to different locations in the house…)

Now, to be fair, I actually liked the electricians. They were straight shooters and offered a couple really useful suggestions on light placements as well as helped solve a few dilemmas we weren’t yet sure how to handle. The main issue here was simple miscommunication which led to incorrect work being done so having to go back and redo everything. That right there is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. Inefficiencies= URGGGG!


So after waiting so long for the electricians to get started, then seeing the massively inefficient way things were getting done, the spiciness was setting in. After a few other minor things popped up where we had to keep reminding them that we had gone over choices already, or how we wanted something done, or that no, for the 5th time we are NOT putting tile in the 1/2 bath, I had to find my happy place and try to keep my eye on the prize. Pictured below is us walking in to see the master bath all cemented in and being sealed up with this waterproof rubber sealant that goes on before you lay the tile. Without the recessed shelf we have planned. (Shawn and I were in highly sensitive freak out mode at this point, but they have assured us it’s not a big deal and the plan is still to get the recessed shelf in. )


Imagine sticking your face in a tub of rubber cement. Then multiply that smell by about 1000. My eyes burn just at the memory.

We are STILL trying to figure out the lighting situation for the bathroom and unfortunately I don’t think my $18 Target sconces were meant to be. Funny how you find a bargain on something and they end up causing the most headache. The rough-ins for the lights were put in today, but because of a stud in the exact location of where one of the lights needed to go (because why WOULDN’T that happen…right?) the light placement now puts them very uncentered over the sink. Nope.


This picture isn’t the best but you can see the original black circle marking where the light was supposed to go. The right light is in the correct spot but the left light has been place far enough to the right that it leaves less space for a mirror but, more importantly, would make the lights and mirror very off center from the sink. No bueno.

So, looks like it’s back to having just one light centered above the mirror. But, mark my words, those Target sconces WILL be used SOMEWHERE in the house. Prize to the first person who spots them. Like finding Shelby the turtle at Trader Joes.

Okay, enough of what’s been going wrong (because I have a sneaky suspicion there will be more of those posts in the future since nothing big has even been installed yet – like the tile and the kitchen!), here are a few pictures to update on the progress.



This fan is so sad and I’m not even sure why it’s still here.


New doors are finally hung. These are the two walk-in closets in the master; the one on the left replaces the original long and small closet with a sliding door.


Knocked off three layers of brick on the fireplace to allow room to hang the TV. Also that electric “fireplace” will be out the door soon.


Correct recessed lights have been installed…much smaller than the too-large holes that were cut (4″ vs. the standard 6″ size). And that stain on the floor? Shawn knocked over an abandoned fast food cup of soda. That also did not bode well for his annoyance level.


I didn’t realize they were going to have to build the wall out this far for support purposes so I’m a little bummed about it closing up the kitchen more than I thought it was going to be. I thought the wall would end about 2 feet sooner than it does. But there still should be plenty of room between the wall and the counter top so not a huge deal.



The plan is to salvage this ceiling and replace the current crown molding with something more simple and modern. And of course change out the light. We’ll see how intact the ceiling remains.


When we left this evening the tile guy was about to lay down the ceramic tile in the laundry room.

I noticed last week that some of the guys had been smoking in the house. Shawn said that’s fairly standard and they will stop once the painter comes. But today when I walked in, I smelled smoke right away so my zero tolerance for smoking starts now. #houserules

So, moving forward this week there are plans to finish drywall, paint the entire inside of the house and lay all the tile. Then on Saturday they are scheduled to install the kitchen. Fingers crossed for smooth sailing. Until then…



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