“Finished by Friday 5/20” -Contractor

Just a few photo updates to show that today was, in fact, NOT the finish date. We are definitely getting closer but at this point we are really hoping for everything to be completely finished by the end of the month.


The master shower is all ready to be painted and tiled.


Unfortunately they discovered a structural issue where they had to install another beam across the ceiling separating the family room and dining room vs. our plan of having the ceiling open all the way across. We’ve been arguing with them about so many things that it was almost a relief that it was structural and we really just had to accept that beam needed to be done. But don’t worry, this wasn’t without drama. Instead of them communicating with us and letting us know they had to add the beam, they just went ahead and added it (theme of this entire thing) so when we walked in and saw it, we were both like “what the F#@K!!??” and immediately rage-texted the contractor. More drama ensued which all could have been avoided if they just let us know before we were blindsided when we walked in.


Another example of lack of communication. They closed up the ceiling with the electric wire hanging in the wrong place. This is for a pendant light fixture and if the wire stays as is, the cabinet door will hit the fixture. Am I the only one that sees how moronic it is to close up the ceiling without taking that into account. Anyway we told them it needed to be moved over, they went ahead and closed up the ceiling, so now let’s add another thing to the list that has to be redone.


We took off the original crown molding and had them do a more simplistic and modern trim. So far so good on this!

And a couple exciting things the past few days…


Countertops are IN! This was one of my non-negotiable splurges that we budgeted around. In fact the cabinets we have aren’t my first choice so that we could get the counters I wanted. Yes, they are marble. Yes I know marble is soft. Yes I know it stains easily. Yes I know it is more high maintenance than granite and quartz. Yes I know you have to seal it fairly routinely. Yes I know it shows etches with any spill of lemon juice or coffee or wine. Yes I know I know I KNOW. And guess what, I did my research online, talked with people that currently have marble, learned about the pros and cons and I’m okay with all of it. 


The marble we chose is called White Monte Blanc and I think it’s beautiful. It IS a soft stone and hasn’t been sealed yet so I am terrified something is going to happen to it while they are in there still busting shit up. So Shawn and I did our best to protect it. Just by seeing this picture and reading these signs, you may know where this is going. I am kicking myself for not taking a picture when I walked in today of…you guessed it…things sitting on the countertop LITERALLY ON TOP OF the sign that says “nothing on counters”.  I walked in to see sitting there a few metal vents and some glass light fixture bowls. To which I said “You guys, who put this up here? Did you see the signs? Please don’t put anything on the counters. LITERALLY don’t put anything on them. LITERALLY nothing on the counters.” Then I threw the old glass bulbs that they said were on the counter to “keep them in a place where they wouldn’t break” in the dumpster. Break this, bitch.



Holy shit I am excited about this. What started as a dismal ugly little cat puke colored house is getting a total make over. Maybe we will get a big ass life-sized print of the original look just like Chip and Joanna do.


And it moves again! For the record, it has been decided after some discussion with friends that when all is finished, he will find a new home at Goodwill. NOT the dumpster. I wonder where he will go once the painter comes! (Which is supposed to be this weekend….) And hopefully one day someone will disconnect and throw away that electric fireplace! 

Until next time! Thanks for following along.

One thought on ““Finished by Friday 5/20” -Contractor

  1. progress for sure!! It seems these guys don’t really think about what might bump or run into something. they just want to get the work done! I’m glad you covered the counters, even though they can’t read!! the cross has overlooked the progress……..it will do well going to Goodwill——maybe someone will be happy to hang it up in their house! As far as the beam in the dining room……….not the plan, but if you don’t tell people about it, they might not even notice———it still looks really open. glad you sent the updates!!



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