New Paint…new look!

The outside AND inside of the house both happened during the same couple days so a lot of changes have been happening! Here are a few more pictures…


No this is not a shadow…the brick and vinyl are getting a much-needed face lift. Turns out you can totally paint vinyl. Who knew?!?


Entire inside is Moonshine gray which changes a bit depending on the light but is basically just a light silver-gray. (Shout out to Steph for the color suggestion!) Here is one of the closets where they didn’t remove the old shelving before painting. So again, just creating more work!


Tile in progress in upstairs guest bath. 


Shit. Got the wrong size bullnose tile for the master shower curb. Not sure how we are going to move forward with this yet as the tile place doesn’t have the size we would need.


I took this sign off one of the windows and stuck it right next to the evidence. And then we texted this picture to the contractor with a “WTF UNACCEPTABLE” type message. Seriously dudes.


This greeted us when we arrived the day the interior was being painted. I knew they’d think of somewhere to put it!


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