I know it’s been radio silence for awhile and it’s not because I don’t want to update my peeps. But this has become quite a process and a mess and to be honest, all of my efforts and emotions have been so drained dealing with everything I just haven’t had the energy to post any updates. So I will attempt at updating to this post quickly, concisely and by usage of bullet points.

• We are moved in. After moving back our date multiple times because the promised completion date kept coming and going, we finally just said F-it and moved in while the contractors were still doing work.

• We moved in on 6/15 and they still haven’t completed the job yet. There have been several stretches of time when we literally could not get them to commit to coming and doing anything. We think that once we moved in, all sense of urgency completely disappeared. When I say this has been a horribly frustrating and infuriating experience, that is putting it mildly.

• The quality of work has been well below my expectations. Detailed things that as the homeowner I will probably be the only one to notice, but these details matter to me. See a few examples:


• I could honestly go on and on so I’ll stop here with the complaining.

• Positives are that we are settling in and overall, big picture, really love it. Slowly but surely we are getting unpacked (a process delayed tremendously because when we moved in the closets still weren’t finished, upstairs bathroom not finished, etc, so we couldn’t put very many things away). Oh, shit, look how quickly I went from positive to negative.

• I haven’t taken too many “after” pictures yet because I really want to have everything unpacked, finished, arranged, etc and post some baller before/after shots. So in the meantime here are a few “sneak peaks”. Oh and please stay tuned because we WILL be having a celebration housewarming party, hopefully the last weekend of July but possibly won’t be until August. We will keep you posted!


Moving Day! If you ever need a mover, we loved the guys we hired and 100% recommend them. 2 Bearded Brothers Moving Company.


Moving Day!


Master Bedroom about a week post-move in. Imagine trying to pack for 5 days in London like this. So irritating.


The painter we hired to paint our exterior was awesome. So we hired him to paint our fireplace and our front door, too. Another company we would fully recommend. PS- I am in love with our floors. I love them so much I don’t even mind there is a constant grittiness from the dogs bringing in dirt on their paws and Sam’s hair collects in clumps every where. We chose laminate flooring that looks like hardwood and after coming from old nasty renter’s carpet, I LOVE IT.


And…one of these pieces of wood is going to be our mantle!


We are putting a couple wood shelves in the kitchen. This is one of them in progress.


Lana loves the new backyard. Even though we have no grass.


Thanks to Julie, I am a cactus repurposing fiend. Our old neighborhood has tons of cactus growing so these are all pieces that were laying on the road that I replanted and are now regrowing. Great addition to the front porch. 


And finally, I came home one day to a package from etsy with a little housewarming gift from Laura. So perfect. 



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